Getting things done!!

Getting things done!!

Our founder’s journey began with a simple yet profound encounter. While at her workplace, two women approached her, their faces etched with the distress of prolonged hunger. They shared that they had been going without food for several days. This encounter stirred something deep within our founder, igniting a passion to address the pressing issue of hunger and poverty in our community. It was this moment of empathy and connection that laid the foundation for the impactful work our organization continues to pursue today.

In March of 2022, our founder made a promise that would change the course of her life and the lives of many others. After hearing the plight of two women who had been hungry for days, she vowed to return the next day with assistance. True to her word, she purchased ration kits for them. This act of kindness was not just a one-time gesture; it sparked a deep-seated commitment within her to do more for the impoverished citizens of the island. It was from this moment of compassion and action that the idea of starting an NGO emerged, with a mission to support those in need and make a meaningful difference in their lives.

Despite the official registration of the NGO occurring a year after its inception, the delay did not deter its members from their mission to support and uplift the needy and poor. The spirit of compassion and dedication within the organization remained strong, driving its members to continue their efforts to make a positive impact in the community. This commitment underscores the core values of the NGO, demonstrating that its mission goes beyond paperwork and bureaucracy, but rather lies in the genuine desire to serve those in need.

The members of our NGO embarked on a meaningful journey to Haddo village in Port Blair town, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. Their mission was clear: to reach out to the vulnerable segments of society. In Haddo village, they visited the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and those earning minimal to no wages. This outreach effort allowed them to connect directly with the community, understand their needs firsthand, and offer support where it was needed most. The visit not only provided practical assistance but also demonstrated the NGO’s commitment to inclusivity and compassion for all members of society.

After several visits, the NGO identified individuals and families in Haddo village who were most in need of support. These visits allowed the members to develop a deeper understanding of the community’s challenges and to tailor their assistance accordingly. The NGO decided to provide ration and personal hygiene kits to those identified, ensuring that their basic needs were met. This targeted approach ensured that the support provided was effective and impactful, addressing the specific needs of the community members.

The commitment of our NGO to support impoverished families remains unwavering to this day. Since our inception, we have continued our efforts to provide assistance to those in need. Additionally, we were able to extend our support to the needy individuals of Rangat village, Middle Andaman, India, for a period of time. This expansion of our outreach efforts demonstrates our dedication to reaching as many people as possible and making a lasting impact in their lives.

Ration kits are distributed at regular intervals to families identified as in need, who are visited frequently by our members. This systematic approach ensures that support is provided consistently and efficiently to those who need it most. By maintaining regular contact with these families, our members are able to monitor their situation closely and provide additional assistance or resources as necessary.

Our ambition is rooted in the desire to provide care and support to all those in need in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. With this overarching goal guiding our actions, we stand committed to moving forward with great diligence. Every step we take is driven by the belief that no one should be left behind, and that by extending a helping hand, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. This ambition fuels our passion and inspires us to continue our work with unwavering dedication, today, tomorrow and forever.
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