Prophetess Priya Ministries has made a significant impact on the lives of families living in poverty, providing vital resources and support that instill hope and dignity in these communities. Our efforts have not only transformed individual lives but have also resonated deeply within families facing challenges, inspiring them to strive for a better future.

Here are a few reflections from beneficiaries whose lives have been touched by the life-changing work of the NGO:

“I am a house help with a family of four, including my two children and my husband who is a seasonal worker. Our income is minimal, with most of it going towards rent and electricity bills. For the past year, Smti Priya mam (Founder & Patron of Prophetess Priya Ministries) has been providing us with free ration, including rice, wheat flour, sugar, tea leaves, toothpaste, laundry detergents, bathing soaps, cooking spices, and a tray of eggs.” – Ms. Esther

“Both my husband and I live in the village where I was born and raised. Despite facing financial difficulties, I had not received any help, not even when I needed a thousand rupees to save my leg from amputation. My husband has also undergone heart surgery, leaving us both unable to work. Smti Priya mam has been a lifeline, providing us with rice, lentils, oils, spices, onions, potatoes, eggs, bathing soaps, laundry, and dishwashing detergents. Despite living here for a long time, no one else has come forward to help us, but Priya Mam sought me out and has been supporting us for the past year.” – Ms. G Selvi

“My family consists of my husband, two school-going kids, and me. The monthly ration kits provided by the NGO have been a blessing, as my meager salary is barely enough to meet other household expenses. The kits contain potatoes, onions, oils, detergents, and everything we need.” – Ms. Komala

“I live in a rented apartment alone, as I am a widow and after paying rent, all I have left is a meager Rs 500. Priya mam’s NGO has been supporting me by giving me ration kits and even financially.” – Ms. Saraswati “I and my niece live together and are both ‘Divyangs’ (Divine Organs), so neither of us has jobs. I was worried about how the two of us will manage, that’s when I was able to inform Smti Priya mam about our condition, and the next day she provided me with ration kits from the shop. Her NGO has been providing us ration for the last 1 year and 3 months. Even when we cook the rice that we get in the free ration kit, we make sure not to waste the rice or cook more than necessary. We are grateful to them, as no one has ever helped me in this regard.” – Ms. Vijayalaxmi

Receiving these heartfelt testimonials about the services provided by Prophetess Priya Ministries is incredibly encouraging. They motivate us to increase our efforts in bringing tangible benefits to communities in need. Knowing that our work has positively impacted individuals and communities fuels our passion to do even more. We are committed to continuing our efforts to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

Joining our cause means becoming part of a transformative movement. Your support can empower families, offering them a chance at a brighter future. Together, we can create lasting change, ensuring that no family has to endure impoverished conditions. Join us and make a difference today.
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