“On February 10, 2024, Prophetess Priya Ministries celebrated World Pulses Day at our office near Joggers Park. Ten families joined us for an informative awareness session. Our goal is to make a positive impact on people’s lives by empowering the underprivileged, providing basic necessities, and improving overall well-being through accessible healthcare services. We are dedicated to serving the people with utmost dedication and compassion.

The purpose of our awareness campaign was to emphasize the nutritional benefits of pulses, especially for those who cannot afford meat for protein. We highlighted the environmental and health benefits of pulses to the families who have been receiving ration kits from us since April 22, 2022, and who participated in the event.

Mr. V. Vishal Rao, the NGO’s treasurer, provided insights into the dietary advantages of pulses and their role in supporting bodily functions. Our joint secretary, Ms. V. Vinita Rao, discussed the nutritional and health benefits of various pulses for everyday consumption, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. B. Ajit Kumar shared his expertise on pulses, discussing their benefits and ways to incorporate them into daily diets as an affordable alternative to other staples. Our Founder, Patron, and President, Smti Priya Basu, Chief Guest Dr. B. Ajit Kumar, Deputy Director Malaria, Directorate of Health Services, and Mr. C. Vinoth Kumar, Owner of Sri Murgan Stores Ration Shop, who has been supporting us in providing ration kits, honored the event with their presence. Other attendees included our members: Smti Abha John, General Secretary; Smti M. G. Valleria; and Smti Rita, Executive Members.

Ms. Vinita delivered the welcome speech, and Smti Priya Basu concluded the event by expressing gratitude to all the families, along with Dr. B. Ajit Kumar & Mr. C. Vinoth Kumar, who attended the event. Afterward, green gram and black chickpeas were distributed to all the families gathered by the NGO’s founder, patron, and president, along with the dignitaries present. This was followed by a light meal featuring dishes made with pulses, encouraging and promoting nutritious and healthy eating habits.”
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